ECLIPSE, Credit Card Processing and The Cloud

In November 2010, I purchased a case of wine as a gift for the upcoming holidays. Rather than wander into my local liquor store, I ordered from The recipient was delighted with the gift. And that was the end of it. Until yesterday.

I received a letter from Wine Library informing me that their servers had been breached and that my personal information…

“including your name, credit card information (including the three or four digit code on the back of the card and the expiration date) and website user account information (including passwords, user names, billing addresses, and shipping addresses) was illegally accessed or taken from our website  by computer hackers sometime between October 20, and November 7, 2011.”

This went on for two pages! Of course, they didn’t even know they’d been breached until customers started contacting them. Anyway, perhaps you’re wondering what this has to do with ECLIPSE?

The above scenario can’t happen to ECLIPSE users. ECLIPSE is PCI compliant and doesn’t store credit card numbers locally on your computer, so patient credit card numbers are theft proof in the event your system is compromised. Thus, when you take advantage of automated, recurring credit card processing with flexible payment plans, you don’t have to worry about what happened to me. Because it can’t happen to your patients.

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