ECLIPSE vs. ChiroTouch II

We are indeed flattered that some companies like ChiroTouch lavish constant attention on ECLIPSE users. However, after Sara – an understandably confused ECLIPSE user in Kentucky — called our customer service line, we decided we’d let you know a few things. First, here are excerpts from her email to me after she spoke with one of our staff members:

“honestly I was so stunned and confused I really wasn’t sure what she was talking about. She said she wanted to go over details about the Chiro Touch and Eclipse conversion… I knew something didn’t sound right.”

So, if you receive a call like this – don’t be fooled. It’s not us! And if you’re intrigued by what they have to say, consider the following…

As Dr. Nachmias from NY told us recently…

“I was using Eclipse software for almost 20 years I switched to Chirotouch at the recommendation of a fellow chiropractor that was using them. This was a big Mistake! after 15 months I switched back to Eclipse. I am so happy to back with the eclipse program”

Do you wonder about the stability of a company that lays off staff? I do! Since MPN was founded in 1985, we’ve never laid off employees. Since 2020 began, ChiroTouch appears to have laid off staff members. EES has been increasing its staff since 2019!

Is your data safe with Chirotouch? Here’s a letter from ChiroTouch to the State Attorney General in New Hampshire that you should read. I’m a chiropractor – not a software expert. So I can’t answer the safety question. (I can guess that ChiroTouch isn’t happy that NH publishes these.) But don’t forget who is ultimately responsible for that data under HIPAA. You!!!

We previously sued ChiroTouch in federal court because we felt they were providing blatantly misleading information about ECLIPSE! They tried in vain to get the suit dismissed. And you can read more about that here.

ECLIPSE is certified to more criteria by the federal government than ChiroTouch.

My personal opinion is that ChiroTouch uses outdated technologies for data (IBM invented SQL in the early 1970’s – it’s ancient). I also believe their clinical notes simply perpetuate missteps of the 1980’s & 1990’s. Narrative text is increasingly faulted in published studies as clinicians & systems nationwide have begun moving to structured data (which we embraced a decade ago).

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