ECLIPSE vs. ChiroTouch

See our October 2020 ChiroTouch update by clicking here!

Competition is healthy. It improves products. People too. From classrooms to sports fields to tradeshow floors. Even to the moon. But there are rules – and laws – about how far is too far. Suppose the chiropractor down the road starts rumors that you broke the ribs of several patients as you adjusted them? How would you feel if you subsequently ended up on the defensive during conversations with your own patients?

Though defamation is against the law, proving the harmful effect of words isn’t easy. So… we generally ignore such transgressions. In this case, we’d heard rumors. Then, finally, a single email to a chiropractor in Minnesota – signed by the ChiroTouch NorthWest Territory Sales Manager (according to his LinkedIn profile) – came into our possession. It enumerated a variety of “facts” about ECLIPSE that were pure fabrications.

So, our attorneys got involved. ChiroTouch insisted it had only happened once. But our attorneys were uncomfortable. Eventually, we filed a lawsuit in federal court.  ChiroTouch did their best to dismiss it and you can read the judge’s decision here (which has since been cited in multiple cases by other federal judges as a precedent). We figured we’d made our point. And so we dropped the lawsuit and that was the end of that.

But the rumors persisted. Last December, we received email asking us to clarify comments about ECLIPSE attributed to a ChiroTouch representative. (They weren’t true and we chose to ignore the incident.) Then, last week, we began receiving calls on our recorded lines from multiple clients. These ECLIPSE clients had apparently received calls from ChiroTouch / Future Health. The callers stated that ECLIPSE wasn’t “ICD-10 ready” and went on to suggest that ChiroTouch / Future Health could provide software that was. At least one of the recipients of these calls – even though she was familiar with the ICD-10 capabilities in ECLIPSE – still needed some reassurance from our HELP Desk that this was untrue. Another insisted on calling them back and getting more information. And so she did.

An especially interesting tidbit was that our clients were often left with the distinct impression that these calls were coming from *us*. According to at least one client (who questioned the caller) this seemed intentional.

So, we thought we’d tell you the same thing we told our clients last week:

“Please do not believe such obvious attempts to steal your business and please consider the integrity of any company that would stoop to fabrications in order to win it. If *you* receive one of these calls, we urge you to take the time to go online and review these companies (there’s nothing they can do to contest truthful reviews), share their behavior in forums, and report it to your state associations. Perhaps such action will dissuade them from future attempts to get you to throw away thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours of your time.”

Of course, we think you should ask ChiroTouch or any company you plan to do business with for information about their own products – not products from other companies. And any negative information they provide should be deemed suspicious. Right?

And see our October 2020 ChiroTouch update by clicking here!

Since 1985, thousands & thousands of chiropractic offices have used ECLIPSE. At one time or another, presidents of many state associations, the ACA, and other organizations have relied on our chiropractic software. It’s topped independent polls, reviews, and surveys for years. Large & small practices nationwide depend on it and benefit from our decades of experience running a successful multi-disciplinary practice  in myriad ways (here’s one). If you want to grow your practice as efficiently as possible, ECLIPSE is the only time-tested chiropractic solution running in the largest practices nationwide — practices with 10, 25, 50, 100 and more employees. And auditors love our unique documentation formats. (Any software that uses a similar format is simply copying data driven designs we created.)

We love competition. Without it, we’d never have grown the way we have. But please get your information about ECLIPSE from us – not from ChiroTouch or any other company. And again, consider the integrity of the company you choose. That’s one reason we’ve never paid for product endorsements. To some extent, this simply reminds me of the late 1980’s — when one company’s reps routinely assured potential clients that all our claim forms get rejected. They did their best to turn a positive into a negative regarding an innovative feature we had & they didn’t. Was it true? Absolutely not. Yet, they succeeded by forcing us to be on the defensive as we attempted to make each sale. We’ve been here for 30 years now.  And that company, like so many others, is no longer recognized by chiropractors — though they were nationwide well into the 1990’s. Sometimes, you need to figure out when to turn on the B.S. meter.

Fun with Advertising

Now, just for the fun of it, let’s take a look at a current ChiroTouch ad. According to the ad:

“A random sample of 500+ practices running ChiroTouch experienced an average of 56% revenue growth year over year.”

Let’s assume a $50,000 annual practice gross when you buy ChiroTouch. In 10 years, you’re grossing $2,735,844 annually. In 15 years, you’ll be grossing over $25,000,000 annually, (Time to consider a corporate jet?) Hmmm. I’d ask for a written guarantee!

From another perspective, if you’re seeing 25, 50, or 100 patient visits weekly right now, in 10 years you’ll be seeing 1368, 2735, or 5261 visits per week respectively. Wow!

Some facts about ECLIPSE

  • ECLIPSE was ICD-10 ready in January, 2014.
  • Dr. Karen Walters, DC FACC has lectured on ICD-10 for C.E. credit. Her March 2015 NYSCA lecture & PowerPoint Presentation are available to anyone free of charge on our website.
  • We have never charged additional fees for updates. If you have a subscription, you can simply download it.
  • We have always avoided outside financing and venture/investment capital. This allows us — with a successful multi-disciplinary practice of our own — to better determine our future. And we have carefully attempted to minimize YOUR out-of-pocket software expenses for decades. As part of that process, we’ve helped thousands of practices realize their full potential.
  • 6/25/2019 addendum: Chirotouch is still calling ECLIPSE clients in 2019 & making stuff up! To find out more about what your colleagues across the USA have to say, visit our web page or Software Advice.
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