ECLIPSE Patent Pending Check-In App for Your Cellphone or iPad

The ECLIPSE Check-In App allows your patients to check-in & enter subjective information via their cell phones. It can be downloaded directly from the Apple & Google Play stores.


  • After arriving at your office, the patient can scan a QR code using the ECLIPSE Check-In app. (Patients can scan a separate QR code to download the app to their phones.)
  • The app allows them to simultaneously check-in & complete a subjective  self-assessment for both new & follow-up visits. Assessments are available for motor vehicle accidents, Workers Compensation, and other injuries.
  • The self-assessment can take anywhere from seconds (and 4 mandatory responses) to a minute or two.
  • Patients can store multiple profiles (e.g. for family members) on their phones.
  • Use our streamlined, patient-tested questions, supplement them with your own, or bypass ours entirely.
  • Data is uploaded to our cloud server & back to your local system, where the patient is marked as Arrived & added to the scheduler’s Waiting Room.
  • The patient’s subjective information can then be merged with a new or existing Encounter and significantly reduce your data entry time!
  • The app works with:
    • iPhones.
    • Android phones.
    • iPads (specifically for use in-office for patients without access to the cellphone types noted above).
  • It’s free to anyone with an existing ECLIPSE subscription!


Watch setup videos by clicking here.

Download the app: