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Why do the smallest & largest practices across the USA all use ECLIPSE?

As you're adding services for a patient standing at the front desk the phone rings... a second patient wants to reschedule an appointment...a patient in the waiting room comes up to request her balance... patients are adding info on wireless tablets... doctors are updating patient folders directly from treatment rooms. Most programs force you to stop and back out of what you're doing to deal with high priority or quickly handled interruptions. Nor do they allow you to instantly see changes as another staff member updates the data you're looking at right now. ECLIPSE can change the way your office functions. It allows you to simultaneously edit multiple patients, appointments, and services. As interruptions occur, you simply retrieve appropriate windows or patient folders to handle them.  You can easily switch among all available windows. Thus, office staff can add services, payments, appointments, SOAP, documents and KIOSK based patient information as necessary without stopping previous activity! And staff members have full access to all data for any specific patient simultaneously. As data is updated by any user, it's updated on your screen too!

Perpetually re-defining the concept of "state-of-the-art" with ongoing updates, ECLIPSE has been in daily use at thousands of locations throughout the United States for over 25 years, has a well-deserved reputation for performance, and uses the same commercial database technology as American Express, FedEx, VISA, and dozens of other companies whose products you use daily — along with custom enhancements that implement Real Time Data Flow on your network. ECLIPSE can also scale up with your practice as it grows. It's inexpensive enough for a small office but can routinely handle millions of transactions and 100,000+ patients without blinking when you have 200 employees using it simultaneously.

Aside from the fact that ECLIPSE has topped independent surveys for years, you know you can trust your office to a product that's a favorite of auditors (in 2015, the clinical audit division director for one large insurer named ECLIPSE documentation as the best he'd seen in 15+ years), processes billions of dollars in claims annually without so much as a hiccup, and is backed by a company that's been the "go to" when payers like BC/BS need to test HIPAA compliance... or your State Worker's Comp Board needs advice.

All from the company that created the "zero-in" user interface, invented case management, first integrated SOAP & billing, introduced the very first Windows software for healthcare providers, and added Real Time Data Flow to eliminate competition for a patient's chart in your office.

For Sales or more information about ECLIPSE, call 1.352.488.0081 Click here to read what your colleagues have to say about us after an unprecedented 30+ years serving the chiropractic profession!