Who sees 10,000 patients per month with ECLIPSE?

The internet is filled with testimonials that rave about the best chiropractic software. Doctors tell you how much they love certain features and perhaps how busy they are… but rarely define what “busy” means to them, or how they’ve actually integrated the software into their offices.

That’s why it was refreshing to see an independent case study that detailed how one busy clinic integrated ECLIPSE into their environment. The 12 location Tuck Chiropractic Clinic has integrated S.O.A.P., scheduling, billing, document management, alerts and other features into their existing setup – replacing multiple programs from multiple vendors in the process. You can peek into this busy 17 physician clinic by reading that case study here on the Software Advice website.

After reviewing the study, consider how ECLIPSE fares in independent surveys and ask competitors why their prices are so high, even when they can’t offer the type of after-the-sale support provided to ECLIPSE users on a daily basis.


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