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ECLIPSE Transition: Frequently Asked Questions

Did you just sell ECLIPSE? Or buy it? What’s the story?

Heck no! We — Dr. Karen Walters & Mike Norworth – created ECLIPSE! And of course, we’ve been here since before GalacTek existed & throughout their tenure. For example, Dr. Walters’ introductory ICD-10 video from a 2015 NYSCA seminar has been viewed over 21,000 times. And before that, she helped design the Encounter system that’s received accolades nationwide since 2010. We were also recently honored by The Board of Trustees of The American College of Chiropractors and inducted as Fellows at a ceremony in Seneca Falls, NY. These honorary degrees recognized decades of contributions to the chiropractic profession.

Now, we’ve simply taken back complete operational control (effective May 8, 2019) as we move forward. For example, here’s a recent comment from a client email:

“You would think a computer software company would have automatic payment methods. You and the rent are the only 2 checks I write anymore.”

We’ve been listening. In fact, we’ve automated operations relative to ECLIPSE sales & subscriptions. As of August 2019, thousands of ECLIPSE clients are already setup in our new system. In order to migrate you to the new system, we need to get you started manually… and then… no more billing hassles! You can update your own credit card information & the system will notify you of issues encountered (e.g. your CC is about to expire).

And that’s just a fraction of our myriad infrastructure changes. For example, our new Digium Switchvox phone system ties together locations & departments across multiple states & makes it easier for us to handle your calls. Our new internal systems also make it easier for you to interact with us through new customer portals – whether it’s electronically signing a BAA or reviewing your accounts.

We’ll also be providing free one-on-one training (one office at a time) in the conference room of our new Florida location by appointment. More on that below…

Click here to read the 4/16/2019 letter from Dr. Walters to ECLIPSE users announcing the upcoming transition to EES.

Click here to read the 5/8/2019 letter from Dr. Walters to ECLIPSE users announcing completion of the transition from GalacTek to EES.

4/17/2019 News Update: As of today, we’re proud to announce that John Waskowitz will be running ECLIPSE EHR Solutions as CEO. John has 30 years of experience with ECLIPSE, was the first technical support specialist ever hired, ran technical support services for years, and was the Senior Vice President of GalacTek for almost two decades.

4/18/2019 News Update: The entire existing technical support team at GalacTek will be joining EES.

4/20/2019 News Update: Cathy Grow spent decades with GalacTek & has already managed ECLIPSE customer service with us for over a year. She will continue to manage this department for EES as part of her responsibilities.

5/7/2019 News Update. All ECLIPSE operations will be handled by EES as of 5/8/2019.

9/9/2019 News Update. After purchasing & renovating a building in Weeki Wachee, Florida, we have moved into our new sales & support operations center. We’re located about an hour north of Tampa airport. Once our conference room & lobby furniture are delivered (expected in October 2019) , you will be able to arrange to visit this location by appointment for additional training sessions at no cost to you.

How do we contact you?

The transition is effective as of May 8, 2019 and you can reach us as follows:

By phone: 1.352.488.0081
Via Fax: 1.352.608.9307
On the web: Use our Contact Us page!
Via the Help System: Create an online Help ticket
Check my subscription: Visit our license portal

My subscription? What about my subscription? I prepaid!

We will honor your existing GalacTek subscription through a maximum of 2020.  In order to download updates or receive support, you will need to setup your subscription in our new online system. Thousands of ECLIPSE users have completed this process since May 8th 2019 and now enjoy convenient, automated monthly billing! If you had an active subscription with GalacTek, we will need to complete this process via phone to ensure that you don’t start getting billed until the end of your current subscription period. There are three ways we can transfer your subscription from GalacTek’s system to our new automated system. Once you’ve been transferred, future changes can be made directly online by logging into your account. 

  • Option 1. When you call us at our new #’s for the first time, we will need to ensure your billing information is in the system. Billing will not begin until the end of your current billing period.
  • Option 2. Contact us via the online ticketing system. We will call you to confirm your credit card information.
  • Option 3. We will be contacting ECLIPSE clients as we transition.

We apologize if you consider it an inconvenience to provide CC information during your initial contact with ECLIPSE EHR Solutions (EES). However, getting setup in the new system is an absolute prerequisite and should take mere minutes for 99% of you. Click here to download a form that you can fax us. All billing is automated on a monthly schedule, just like your mortgage, rent, telephone, and other bills. There is no savings to be gained by asking to pay us yearly. And we can avoid raising our fees.

Click here to preview subscription pricing in advance on our website, where it adjusts the price of your subscription automatically. Simply enter your existing license settings & review how your subscription amount changes on the bottom of the screen. If you believe there’s a discrepancy with respect to your old rate, simply contact us to review & correct it. In the vast majority of cases, new [automated] pricing will be lower.

Remember, this is ultimately much more convenient for both you & us (and has been widely requested). No more hassles remembering to pay bills & dealing with the paperwork. And you can earn CC points for your payments. It’s all automated. We no longer have an accounting department. With our new system, you will manage your own account online. And we can’t handle your checks because sales tax is entirely automated from the moment your card is charged to when the sales tax is actually paid in various states.

What happens with my credit card information? As per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), your CC# is NOT stored anywhere. During CC entry, your CC info is exchanged for a “token.” Every transaction generates a new token. Even if the token was stolen from our vendor’s secure encrypted servers, it would be meaningless out of context. Ultimately, your CC# is much more likely to be pirated at a local retailer where it may be out of sight at some point during the transaction. That’s why servers take your CC directly at your restaurant table in Europe.

How do we download updates?

Right now, please download updates the way you normally do. Once we transition, new instructions will be sent to your computer & posted here that explain how to download an update. From then on, updates should download directly from your ECLIPSE menu.

What about pricing?

Most pricing hasn’t changed. Pricing for Plus & Advanced systems – as well as subscriptions for those systems – is actually going down! For example, one ECLIPSE client in Sterling, VA is now saving $68.63 every month on their 47 user Plus license setup with 11 databases. Depending on your license settings, subscriptions average about $70/month. Click here to preview subscription pricing in advance on our website and watch it adjust the price of your subscription automatically: simply enter your existing license settings & review how your subscription amount changes on the bottom of the screen.

Our industry (chiropractic computer software) has been heavily targeted by venture capitalists in recent years. Some of these firms (e.g. Chirotouch) have been buying up smaller companies. We believe their primary goal is profit. We have been family owned & profitable since 1985. Enough said?

What’s happening to GalacTek?

GalacTek is no longer in business & has ceased operations.

Do you really have new things going on? What’s coming in the near future?

  • Our new patient portal was government certified in 2018 & is currently being installed for clients who use certified versions of ECLIPSE. This technology will soon be available to anyone with a current subscription. The portal allows patients to directly access certain records (based on permissions you set for them) & allows them to directly schedule appointments. You will be able to embed the portal on your website so it can be accessed easily by existing patients. Future updates to this technology will include patient intake forms & new patient access.
  • We’ve spent months designing a custom statement generator that allows you to create your own patient statements. 
  • Though ECLIPSE can be hosted in the cloud (and has been for years), and available products (such as LogMeIn) allow remote access to your ECLIPSE data, ECLIPSE will soon allow you – via the same interface you use now on your Windows PC – to access your data from anywhere by hosting your data on our cloud servers.

Where are you located?

Our new sales & support operations center is located in Florida, about an hour north of Tampa airport.