ECLIPSE Purchase Page Options

ECLIPSE is available in several versions:

  • Standard: Typical version for a small chiropractic office. This version may be used in a multi-provider scenario when the patient’s treating provider is not differentiated from the assigned provider for billing or statistical purposes. Diagnostic codes are applied to patient conditions. Services can be assigned to specific ICD codes attached to a condition.
  • Plus: Typically used by multi-provider offices where providers treat one another’s patients & bill 3rd party insurance by treating provider rather than the provider assigned to the patient. Diagnostic codes are applied to patient conditions or directly to services (generally more relevant to medical practices than to chiropractic clinics).
  • Advanced: Typically used by multi-provider, multi-location clinics where all patients are maintained in one database.  This version allows for statistical reporting by facility as well as providers within each facility, while allowing patients to be seen in multiple facilities with their records accessible to all.

Additional Users

With all versions of ECLIPSE, your selection counts as 1 logged in user. Additional users should be added based on how many people will be using ECLIPSE simultaneously. For example, if one doctor & two staff members will be using ECLIPSE at the same time, you would need 2 additional users.

Additional Databases

Additional databases may be added to any version of ECLIPSE as a low cost alternative to purchasing multiple copies of the software.  These are typically used for associate providers, additional locations, certain types of partnerships, and similar scenarios where you specifically prefer the data for each entity to remain entirely separate.


ECLIPSE v2 Spectrum is a set of Health IT modules certified as 2015 Edition compliant by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Please visit our ONC Disclosures page for more information. Typically, certified software is required to participate in optional & mandated CMS programs, such as Meaningful Use & MIPS. Certification is an ongoing event that requires changes by us — often accompanied by further testing and/or review — throughout the year. Thus, a lapse in subscription immediately disqualifies your office from further participation in affiliated CMS programs. Note that this version requires a FairCom Server.

ECLIPSE Client/Server

ECLIPSE is available in basic & high performance / high data integrity versions. The Client/Server version has extra costs involved for the FairCom Server software. Click here to read more about Client/Server operations. Client / Server versions of ECLIPSE are a prerequisite for some features including custom statement generation & the patient portal.

Text Messaging

Click here to read more about text messaging in ECLIPSE & when you should consider a paid alternative to the built-in functionality.

Click here to read more about ECLIPSE hardware requirements.

Note that an ECLIPSE license can be updated at any time to add or change any of the above options.