Hardware Requirements

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ECLIPSE is continually updated to take advantage of the technology available in current versions of hardware and the Windows operating system. ECLIPSE builds currently target Windows 10 & always utilize the most current SDK. In general, the most efficient and cost-effective system will result from the implementation of medium to high-end servers and workstations (across a Gigabit Ethernet connection for LANs). Ultimately, patient flow, work habits and office volume will dictate your specific hardware and operating system needs.

Optimal Recommendations – Computers available today offer a variety of solutions that are very closely matched to the specific demand expected to be placed on the system.

Tablets – We currently prefer Microsoft Surface Pro tablets & Lenovo laptops & tablets.

Mouse – Your computer mouse should have a thumb wheel in addition to left & right selectors.

Printers – Generally, any printer that is compatible with the Windows operating system. When purchasing a printer, keep these things in mind:

  • The more RAM, the better.
  • More RAM on a printer with a slower processor is often less valuable than less RAM and a faster processor.
  • Attach it directly to the network.
  • Look for high page per minute (PPM) values when comparing performance.
  • Laser printers generally offer faster printing than ink jet or desk jet technologies at lower price points. In general, printers under $500 are rarely suitable.
  • Our 2023/2024 Recommendation: HP Laser printer: HP LaserJet Enterprise M507dn / HP LaserJet Pro M501dn


Backup System & Malware Protection – Remember that a data backup is not the same as copying data. A drag and drop or copy and paste is operation is not a true backup. A true backup is performed by software that checks data integrity and has the capability to verify the backup. It will also report any problems. We highly recommend DataHEALTH for backups. You can learn more about DataHealth here.

Your backup system is only half the battle. You need effective protection against malware. Our 2022 recommendation remains Malwarebytes

Network – We recommend a 1 Gigabit Ethernet system. Hubs, routers, switches, adapters and cabling to 1 Gig specifications result in a noticeable performance improvement over 100 MHz. systems. A single slow device operating at slower speeds can tremendously impact the performance of your entire network.

Wireless: In general, we do not recommend wireless access. However, if wireless is a requirement, you can certainly use a wireless tablet provided you install a commercial grade wireless network where signal strength & throughput are checked by a professional with a meter throughout your location. If you use a simple consumer grade wireless system in a single location, you are likely to regret it. You may have myriad performance issues. (Imagine buying a Ferrari & driving it very fast down a road covered in deep potholes.) Client/Server versions of ECLIPSE will perform better over your wireless network. We use Microsoft Surface Pro & Lenovo tablets in our own practice –with keyboards. Our 2023/2024 Recommendation is a professionally installed AP system. (We currently maintain a 5 unit system installed in a 9400 square foot building with no dead areas. 3 of 4 satellite units are wired to our LAN.) 

ECLIPSE may broadcast UDP datagrams locally across your LAN. Some switches & routers always block UDP by design. In our experience, HELP Desk personnel for many router/switch manufacturers are unlikely to know whether their product firmware blocks UDP. Our 2022/2023 recommendations: NETGEAR products.

UPS – An uninterruptible power supply of adequate size is strongly recommended for every server and workstation as well as network components such as switches and routers. Brief power interruptions (brownouts) are a a routine event in many areas of the country & will both shorten the operating life of your equipment & inevitably cause data corruption. Our 2023/2024 Recommendation: Any unit from Tripp Lite or APC. Check ratings on Amazon.

Scanners – In order to use the EHR tab (Electronic Health Records) in ECLIPSE, a TWAIN compatible scanner is required. Multi- Function scanners are rarely suitable. We recommend a dedicated business class scanner with an automatic document feeder. Our favorite models are from Fujitsu & Canon. Expect to pay $800 for a decent document scanner. Our 2023/2024 Recommendation: FUJITSU Document Scanner fi-7160. Note that RICOH has acquired Fujitsu which may affect availablility of some scanners. Consider RICOH models: fi-8150, fi-7300NX.

Internet Access – ECLIPSE does not require internet access to run. However, since the government certified ECLIPSE for its Meaningful Use program in 2011, CMS expects that you have internet access from your computer or network as an essential part of your EHR. A wide variety of non-essential ECLIPSE functions now rely on internet access, as does ECLIPSE activation & licensing. In the event you have limited or no internet access, ECLIPSE license activation and various functions (e.g. Google calendar updates, online prescriptions, email, patient portal) may be compromised or unavailable.

Remote Desktop / Terminal Services – If you intend to use this type of Windows operating system, please have your computer tech contact our Help Desk for guidance. Terminal services requires the use of a Server operating system. See our article here.

These are the minimum requirements for basic functionality published by Microsoft. Actual requirements and performance will vary, depending on the system configuration and the programs and features that you choose to install.

Operating Systems: Windows 10 or greater, Windows Server 2012 or greater Processor: 1 GHz or greater Hard Disk Space*: 16GB available disk space Memory: 2 GB (32-bit), 4 GB (64-bit) Graphics: Support for DirectX 9 graphics with minimum 128MB RAM.

* For both performance and security purposes, ECLIPSE should always be installed on a separate physical hard drive (or partition if none is available). The MPN folder should NOT be installed to the same hard drive as the Windows operating system. If partitioning or adding a new drive is a problem, control access using standard server security on the MPN folder.