Do you use DropBox?

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ECLIPSE has no relationship with DropBox products. However, please note the following from a March 2016 email we sent to clients:

March 10, 2016

Is DropBox installed on your computers(s) running ECLIPSE? Are you having random problems, perhaps generating consolidated notes or with Worker’s Compensation forms? If so, before you call us, please disable, uninstall, or change your Dropbox settings.

Thanks to a call from Dr. Ivan Bracic — who experimented on his own ECLIPSE system — we learned yesterday that DropBox may cause issues with ECLIPSE. Following Dr. Bracic’s call, we were contacted by a variety of ECLIPSE users with the same & similar issues. In each & every case, DropBox was currently installed. After DropBox was disabled, the problem disappeared. One common problem involved missing data when printing Encounters.

Please note that this is not an ECLIPSE issue and cannot be “fixed” by us. Nor can we provide any guidance as to DropBox settings that won’t interfere with ECLIPSE. We have DropBox running on our own computers without incident.