Is ECLIPSE compatible with Dragon dictation software?

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As of 2023, we have Dragon Professional version 15.61.2000.010 installed on a Windows 11 laptop here. It worked well out of the box. We had it up & running in about 10 minutes. Installation was straightforward & painless. Make sure you have a high quality microphone.

  • We know ECLIPSE clients have used it for years but don’t track numbers or usage.
  • We DO NOT have any relationship with the company (Nuance).
  • We cannot recommend the best microphone to use. (We can tell you that better microphones WILL make a difference.)
  • We have not tested this software anywhere else & can’t tell you whether it will work on your computer system or how it may perform.
  • We cannot help you get it working on your system if you have a problem. That’s between you & Nuance — regardless of whether they tell you otherwise. (All we can tell you is that the software works fine on our system.)