Problem Lists

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Do you currently use the Problem List in ECLIPSE? If so, let’s discuss what you need to know:

  • You should only use this for government programs that require your use of certified technology — like the CMS MIPS program, or various state-based HIE programs (e.g. NC Health Connex). Otherwise, you don’t need to enter data on this screen.
  • A doctor recently asked why we don’t simply transfer diagnoses from a patient’s Condition tab to the Problem List. ICD-10 codes are required to document diagnoses for a patient’s condition, including your documentation & bills. The federal government has required SNOMED (not ICD) for Problems since 2014. (Prior to 2014, the goverment required ICD. Note that a 1:1 correspondence between ICD-10 & SNOMED does not exist. As a courtesy, we still allow you to enter either code type.)


So, if you don’t participate in HIEs, MIPS, or other programs that require certified ECLIPSE technology, you don’t need to use the Problem List at all!